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Chelmsford’s Newest Escape Rooms

With three specially Set Designed rooms to test your nerve, skill and patience. Each room will take over 60 minutes to complete. with the most advance puzzles

Setting ourselves above the rest, we have played over 100 rooms, and we designed and made the very games.

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asylum Escape rooms - man in straight jacket

Dare your family to brave the echoes of survivor’s cries. Break free from the shackles and unite as a family to conquer Professor Delgado’s enigmatic asylum. The ultimate test awaits: who among you will rise to the challenge and who might make the ultimate sacrifice?

Labyrinth Escape room

Embark on a family adventure where the forces of nature have gone awry. Unite the powers of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air alongside your loved ones. Assemble the mystical masonic eye, and only then can you restore harmony and  collect the ruby, to find your way back to the world you know.

Escape room the circus

Amidst the haunting winds, step into the captivating world of the circus’ freakshow, where you and your family take center stage. The Curse Needs Lifting, Embrace the thrill as you become the star of this mesmerizing spectacle, filled with enigmatic wonders and unexpected twists.

Why choose us?

  • People travel from all over the world to play our games.
  • Escape team member watching your game only (and not multiple games!).
  • Amazing games (see any review site).
  • We never put you with strangers, the room is yours!
  • Our games are written by our team, and are not imported; you’ll only play a game that we have designed, and test ourselves to be fully immersive.
  • We love Escape Rooms! Our founders have played hundreds all over the world and wouldn’t put you in a game they wouldn’t put their own families in!
  • Open from 1pm to 10pm seven days a week.
  • We dress and decorate the game with to the fullest, we have done many rooms, and very very few people goes to length that we have, with full immersive decorations.
  • Biggest escape rooms in Essex, we are yet to find ones that take up as much room as we do.
  • Always a quick route out if you need to exit the room at any time.
Escape room Chelmsford

Introducing Chelmsford’s Newest and most advanced escape room destination, now open for adventure. Step into a world of complete immersion with our captivating 60-minute Puzzles and storys, suitable for both escape room Experts and first-time explorers alike.

Delgados Escape Rooms – Chelmsford’s Number 1 Escape Rooms invites you to uncover a realm of excitement. Our brand-new escape rooms in Chelmsford have been meticulously crafted, promising bespoke Set Design that are poised to capture the attention of enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Lauded with puzzles and hailed as Chelmsford “Things to do Venue” ultimate source of entertainment on TripAdvisor, Escape Beyond – Escape Room Chelmsford, has set the bar high. The allure lies in our distinctive room designs, ensuring that Chelmsford becomes the go-to hub for thrill-seeker, and escape room enthusiasts

Our escape experiences hold undeniable appeal, drawing both novices and globe-trotting experts in pursuit of novel challenges. The allure of our recently launched Chelmsford escape room is irresistible.

, with options ranging from find the ruby from the mazes twist and turns, escape being the next test subjects in an asylum with one win in, no way out, or finally, see whats going on at the cursed circus. Immerse yourself in an hour-long odyssey of puzzles and excitement, exclusively at Escape Beyond – Chelmsford’s Ultimate Escape Room Destination.

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